Brave Browser Loot – Earn 5$ per Refer

Brave Browser Loot  The Brave Web Browser is a fast, secure web browser app for Android with a built-in adblocker for 3rd party ads. Brave is lightning fast, safe and private, preventing you from being tracked by ads or infected by malware and pop-ups. Download the best web browser today.
and the brave browser is giving referal programme and also getting the paid by the money of bitcoin and also user can refer anyone to get more balance into his account and aslo get the main thing to get the balance also a user can get the balanec into his account then he can get the balanec and then the user can amin redirect the money and then the user can main thing to get the main frame to get the bypass the main frame to get the referal money but the main thing behind the sense is the main thing to get the referal balanec in just 30 days…………………………….

   Why use a browser that treats you like one? Enjoy private, secure and fast browsing with Brave.The best browser for private, fast, safe browsing with pop up blocker, for free.The Brave Web Browser is your private, safe web browser that blocks 3rd party ads, for free.Open brave browser daily and you get signup bonus within 3-4 days. Signup bonus can be Rs.200-300 in the BAT form. I do not know exact amount.If You Remember FB Research App, It’s Also Same Like That Just We Need To Do
                                              HOW TO GET THE OFFER

  • Refer & Referral Should Keep The App For Next 30 Days To Get Referral Bonus
  • First Of All Download The Brave Browser App From Here – Download
  • Install & Open The App & Click On 3 dots
  • Tap On Brave Rewards & Click  On Yes, I’m In!
  • You will get $5 per refer & On signup 4$ (Maybe if you remain active for 30 days)
  • No Need to Connect any VPN Just keep the Browser and Open Daily
  • Please Note – Just use normal browsing in a day to show your active.

                                         HOW TO VERIFY YOUE ACCOUNT

  • Open This Link & Click On Become a Creater-CLICK HERE
  • SignUp – Enter Email Address
  • You’ll Recieve A Mail From Brave Payments Open Mail & Click On Verify Mail
  • Now Enter Your Full Name & Skip 2FA
  • Scroll Down & Click On Add Channel
  • Choose YouTube Channel & Link Your Gmail Account Of YouTube Channel
  • Goto Top & Click On Refer Your Fans
  • Now Click On Activate, Congrats! Now Your Promo Is Activated
  • Now Share Your Link & You’ll Get 5$ For Every Referral If Your Referred User keep The App For Next 30 Days

                                                        HOW TO REDEM IT

  • Create Account on CLICK HERE or Uphold App
  • Also You need to install Google authenticator app to login everytime uphold acc for security purposes, code will always come to google authenticator app to login.
  • Upload Driving License/Passport/adhar any 1 I’d proof, enter details, to verified publisher.
  • Attach pic from mobile camera , dont upload pic which is scanned or pdf. use only JPEG
  • Then You Can redeem in INR or BTC or USD.
  • After uphold account verified, Link it with Brave account, there is connect option ,click on it ,login Uphold account.

Please note  –
Using App For 30 Days Continously Is Must Else You Will Not Be Able To Withraw This Money.

Just use normal browsing in a day to show You are Active, Self earning Approx ₹320 minimum ..
Conditions —
Your referred user must use the app for a minimum period of 30 days.
Self earning approx 320 minimum
Go to link to download app, then sign-in with same Gmail which is on YouTube.
If u don’t have YouTube channel,just go to Ur profile ,share, u will get Ur channel link, add that link to generate refer link .

Redeeming process will update later, because it’s crypto currency, BAT, you need to convert later I guess.

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