VMate Paytm Unlimited loot instant radeem……………..

Vmate is now giving free paytm cash to their new user also giving paytm cash to their app user who install from my link will get the paytm cash also get the paytm cashback by my method so mindfully read my post to get the offer and utilize the offer to get free paytm cash and then you can try the offer to get the trick to get the offer and then you can get the paytm cahbcak without any problem so you need to just goto the my link then downlaod the app then you will find the offer and then you can get the offer and also get the offer and then you can get paytm cashback by the method of mine so you need  android based phone to get the offer so first a ew phone which you don’t install vmate before so if have that phone just bring the phone get unlimited time paytm cash and also get the paytm cahback by the method and then you can get the apytm cashback in old phone and also in old account but read my post carefully to get the offer………………

   Let’s talk about the offer briefly so first you need a phoen to install vmate app to get the offer then goto the offer section then filled up the form to get sign up in there as like as a new user to the offer then comes to next offer to get the apytm cash you need a another phone just claer the data of the seconfdphoen to get the phone and then you have to store all te value of ethe vmate app then comes  to nest point just goto the refer adn earn programme and generate your code then copy your code in keyward by the copy option then goto the next optiona dntehn comes to the new phone in the new phone just sign up by using by a new number to get the paytm cash…but note- the number should be indian and the you have to put your own referal link to get the referal bonus….
    2Nd you need to got the offer paeg then follow my instuction to get the paytm cash so you need to goto the page.then click on shooting a new video by the camera app then shoot the video and then post the video in the app then share the video by whstapp to get the offer and then goto the whatsapp then share your referal code to get more pytm cash by the methdo so follow my method…then goto the offer section yo will see aoption that the trick to get the apytm cash that you can earn by the form of cdoe you need to copy the code then goto the paytm app then add code then add that cdoe that you genearte the cdoe in the vmate to get the paytm cashback……………………….
                                                           WHAT IS THE TRCIK
Download Vmate app –click here

  • Steps to Follow-
  • Download and login with your phone no
  • Upload one video which shot in VMate camera
  • share that on whatsapp
  • clear your VMate data 
  • click on video link in whatsapp which automatically open in VMate app(your video will play)
  • there will be one giftbox in bottom right corner , click that
  • do quick login (no need to login using number or email )
  • press send button. Then one window will popup which says to topup vcoin
  • press spin banner(3 spins) & u will get around 10 -15 coins (Spin option you will find Under Wallet menu > Tap on Banner)
  • Now gift that to your main account (through your uploaded video)
  • Done!! Now again clear data goto whatsapp click link repeat this process by this you can earn 30₹ in just 5 or 10 minutes
How to Redeem?
  • Done with gifting?! Login to your main account
  • link paytm and withdraw (min 10₹)
  • will credit in your account in 5mins
LOOT BACK : Get Rs.10 Paytm Free  Give a Miss Call – 9773506507
Press ” 1, 3 , 1 “

Enter Refer Code – 23602818 ( Limit over )
36186240 ( New code )
#Loot_Fast before Expired

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